Pay4 is a revolving credit facility, used to fund a company’s supplier payments.
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Working Capital Redefined

A revolving credit facility from £50k

What is Pay4?


Pay4 is a flexible revolving credit facility, which can be used to fund a company’s UK and international supplier payments. The facility is made available to creditworthy UK businesses and accessed via an easy to use online platform. No security is taken over the company’s assets, so the facility works well alongside other forms of finance and you only pay for the facility when you use it.


Key Features


Revolving credit facility from £50k
Up to 120 days credit (from date of invoice)
Works alongside existing finance
Pay your UK or international suppliers
No setup or non-utilisation fees
Easy to use online platform

You can use the facility to:

Manage gaps in your cash flow

Manage cash flow gaps

Have access to working capital throughout the year. Easily bridge the gap between your supplier and your customer terms

Source equipment, products and materials

Source equipment, products and materials

Having more liquidity within your business on a long-term basis opens up a range of exciting possibilities.

Secure prompt payment discounts from your suppliers

Secure prompt payment discounts

Paying suppliers upfront doesn't affect your cash flow when you finance your supplier payments. Prompt payment discounts easy to negotiate because you use Pay4.

Offer competitive credit terms to your customers

Offer competitive customer terms

Extra working capital makes it easier for you to offer extended credit terms to your customers. This can help you win high value customers.

Finance large orders

Finance large orders

Tendering for larger contracts that would otherwise stretch cash resources becomes possible thanks to Pay4. Stock levels can also be increased to meet the demand of larger customer orders.

Scale up your business with confidence

Scale up

Scale-ups invest in supply chain optimisation, market research, innovation and production changes. All of which require flexible, readily available working capital.

Because Pay4 provides a constant source of revolving credit, you can use it improve your stock levels, launch new product lines, fund expansion into new markets or purchase new equipment as necessary, without tying up your assets.

Who can use Pay4?


& have UK or international suppliers


profitable with a capital base of £200k+


limited company, LLP or PLC (registered in the UK)


turnover of £1.5m+ per annum


trading history of 3+ years